More than 60.000 contestants have participated in the online company outing of The Box Company and in roughly 56 different countries. The online activity is called the Remote Teambuilding Experience. Online company outings for small and large groups, ideal for online events or for teams working remotely and looking for a fun activity that keeps them connected with each other. A remote company outing, it really is possible! Fun and effective!

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Online activity for a company outing

Teams of 5 persons will battle for 75 minutes (shorter or longer possible) against each other in the Remote Teambuilding Experience. Every contestant plays from behind his or her own computer. This could be from home or another workspace. Every contestant has received an envelope*. This envelope contains many question cards, puzzle pieces and attributes. The objective of the activity is to reel in as many points as possible within the available time, by figuring out a large amount of tasks. The contestants within a team have different contents in their envelopes. The contents must be combined with each other to complete the tasks. Every contestant plays a tremendously important role in the team’s success. Leaning over backwards takes no part here!

*If wished for this game is also to be played completely digital.


"Great way to build on your team digitally! Awesome!!"
ING Bank


"The CJIB would like to thank you! We have played this game online with several teams. The questions were well put together, quite challenging too. We had to answer all questions within 75 minutes, which made it very exciting because you saw the time ticking. In short: A great game. I can recommend it to everyone."

Corporates and SMEs

"Played this interactive and challenging game with an international team (fr, ge, uk, nl) of 30 people. 75 minutes flew by. You're completely in it and seeing how the other teams perform in terms of time and points makes you even more fanatical! Super nice to be so connected from your own workplace!

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