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The Box Company heeft een uitgebreid aanbod aan teambuilding activiteiten die op iedere gewenste locatie georganiseerd kunnen worden, binnen en buiten. De activiteiten zijn in meerdere talen beschikbaar en te spelen met kleine en grote groepen tot wel 2000 personen tegelijk! Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van ons aanbod.

Escaperoom Experience

Escape Rooms are a hype all across the world. The Box Company has developed an Escape Room Experience for groups up to 2.000 contestants that can be played at any desired location!

Reconnect Experience

We can go live again! The Reconnect Experience is THE activity to bring everyone closer to each other again: on location and in person. Connection, fun and energy is what it's all about!

Toolbox Experience

Each drawer of the Toolbox opens a new round with new themes. You start with the bottom drawer and work your way up. All themes come together in the top cover. Will you manage to tie everything together and solve the assignments?!

Plug&Play Experience

This experience can be played at any desired location and time, without the need for guidance from The Box Company. Can be played in one big space, separate spaces and on different locations at the same time!

Einstein Box

The Box Company has escape rooms that can be set up at the location of your choice! These will offer space to 4-5 players at once. Let teams compete against each other by setting up multiple Escape Rooms. The Box Company has 5 rooms in total.

Reconnect Experience

We can go live again! Connection, fun and energy is what it’s all about during this activity.

Custom Made

In addition to the fixed offer, The Box Company also develops custom-made games. We adapt an existing activity to your liking or develop a completely new custom game.

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