For learning to work better and more connected with your teams far away you use Remote Teambuilding 2.0! All the best of the original edition, only juicier and even more challenging tasks and advanced technology: rightly said a level up. Did you already play our original Remote Teambuilding? Go voor 2.0!

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Every player will be participating in puzzling and brainstorming from their own remote (home)workspace for 75 minutes; with the (thinking)muscles flexed to eventually step out the race as winners together with their colleagues. Remote team building 2.0 can be played starting at 5 persons. With the competition between several teams the game goes all out and so does everybody in it. In addition to a completely new design, new challenging assignments, 'LIVE games' have been added to this game. This ensures even more connection between the team members and the teamwork is put to the test even more!

"Are you looking for a fun digital team outing? Look no further! We have used the digital game twice with the department and it was a real success twice! We got all colleagues completely enthusiastic during the game. The Box Company acted quickly and were also able to send a very nice and durable package with the game. We are very satisfied!"
Port of Rotterdam

Enthusiastic clients:

"Great way to build on your team digitally! Awesome!!"
ING Bank
"The CJIB would like to thank you! We have played this game online with several teams. The questions were well put together, quite challenging too. We had to answer all questions within 75 minutes, which made it very exciting because you saw the time ticking. In short: A great game. I can recommend it to everyone."

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