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The Box Company provides original team building activities for large groups. The activities are provided at any desired location, online or in hybrid form. The Box Company’s activities provide excitement, challenge, competition, teamwork and above all a lot of fun. The activities can be altered to the client’s wishes, which means that a taylormade experience is among the options. 


Our team building activities have international appeal and are available in several languages. Many multinationals preceded you and were wildly enthusiastic about the experience their employers had with us.

"The Box Company provided a great afternoon at the Efteling. This unique game was a lot of fun and every team wanted to keep playing to find the solution!"


Our team building activities are very suitable for governments at all levels. We have had very good experiences with municipalities, provinces and national government agencies.

"The Box Company provided an Escape Room Experience for about 120 engineers during our event. It was great fun to see how enthusiastic people got to work. The whole thing was challenging and well cared for. Highly recommended!"
Dutch Railways

Corporates and SMEs

Also with Corporates and SMEs team building activities have been a great success. Besides the uncomplicated fun you'll be having with your team, you will get to know each other and there are many lessons to be learned from coming up with creative solutions together under the pressure of time.

"Very pleasant and professional cooperation, everybody was very enthusiastic! Truly remarkable to see a group of 700 colleagues split up into a 100 smaller groups playing their own game and therefore all being a part of the result."
ING Bank

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