Remote Team Building – The Hybrid Edition

With the Hybrid edition of the Remote Teambuilding Experience, The Box Company ensures more involvement at your Hybrid Event. The teams that will play this innovative game always consist of a combination between visitors who are present on location and participants that play from home or office.

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you solve
this adventure.

Your teamspirit!
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Play with multiple
teams against each other.

Available in English
Dutch and French

What is Remote Team Building – The Hybrid Edition?

The activity is played in teams of 5 people and has a duration of 75 minutes. Each team includes players who are present at the event and participants who play from home or the office. For the participants who are present at the event, there is a box on the table with all the equipment needed for the game. The participants who participate from home or office will receive a beautiful box that fits through your letterbox, containing all the attributes and cards needed for the assignments. The aim of the game is to solve a large number of assignments within the time limit, in order to achieve as many points as possible. The assignments can only be solved by combining the information that the participants have. In this way, everyone must actively participate in order to progress as a team. By playing with multiple teams, a thrilling competition element is added!

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The best online team activity from the Netherlands. Already played by: 56.127 participants!

How does the game work?

A beautifull box will be ready for participants who are physically present at the event and every participant who participates remotely will receive a box that fits through your letterbox, containing all kinds of question cards, puzzle pieces and attributes.  Each participant has a part of the assignments in his or her box. The participants have to connect the dots in order to be able to fill in the right answers. The assignments can only be solved by good communication and cooperation. Participants log in to our interactive website with their unique team code. As soon as everyone is logged in, the time starts running and the first puzzle appears. Good luck and… go teams!