Would you like to introduce a group to each other in an accessible way and with great pleasure? The Box Company has the tool to do this. The nicest icebreaker and energizer, where getting to know each other, fun and competition are central. Read how it works below or contact us. We are happy to explain to you how it works and for which types of events you can use this activity.

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How does it work?

Each participant scans a QR code with his or her phone to enter the game. As soon as the game starts everyone's screen gets a certain color or pattern. There are 3 other participants in the room with the same color or pattern on the screen. The participants are given a short moment to find the people with the same color or pattern on their screen. These 4 people form a group during one round. During this round they get to know each other by answering a introductory question after which they need to solve a puzzel assignment together.

As soon as the round is over, everyone's phone gets a different color or pattern in the background and they have to look for a new group to get acquainted with. During several rounds, as many people as possible meet each other and everyone gets to know each other in a super fun way. Guaranteed a great Ice Breaker to 'loosen up' the group!


“We needed a game that can be completed in half an hour at max and allow as many different people as possible to interact within this half an hour. This game is very well designed and helped as get the job done without overwhelming anyone. Another benefit of this ice-breaker game is it requires people to move around which adds energy to the room instead of sitting down and talking. I highly recommend ice-breaker game to any small/large companies looking for quick games to warm up people.”


"We used the Ice Breaker at one of our events. The Ice Breaker is an accessible way to talk to each other. The game element and working together make people connect with each other in a fun way. It gave a positive vibe with lots of interaction and happy faces!"

Corporates and SMEs

"Everyone was really committed to this game. You have to work well with your team, but every round your team is different. This makes it really varied. Nice combination of getting acquainted and using your brains!"

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