Remote Team Building

A lot of people are currently working from home. This means that there is little to no time for corporate events, a drink with co-workers or team building activities. To maintain these important and fun moments during the ‘corona-crisis’, The Box Company presents: Remote Team Building! A team building activity while keeping your distance!

Starting at € 24,50 p.p. excl. VAT

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you solve
this adventure.

Your teamspirit!
Fun guaranteed!

Play with multiple
teams against each other.

Available in English
Dutch and French

What is The Remote Teambuilding Experience?

The Remote Team Building Experience is played in teams of 5 people and lasts for 75 minutes. Every participant plays from their workspace or from home, while working together with your team to complete a large amount of challenges in order to get as many points as possible! The game can already be played with just 1 team, but by forming multiple teams within the company and having them compete against each other, an exciting competition starts where every player will be thrilled!

We preceded you:

“Great for teambuilding.
A real recommendation!”

“It was amazing!
Challenging with
focus on teamwork.”

“Loads of positive
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Fun and interactive!”

“We had tons of fun.
A real recommendation
for your virtual event!”

“Great addition
to a virtual
day out!”

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The best online team activity from the Netherlands. Already played by: 50.127 participants!
Starting at € 24,50 p.p. excl. VAT

Hoe does the game work?

Every participant receives an envelope* containing several question cards, puzzle pieces and attributes. In this way, each participant has a part of the answer in their envelope for each of the challenges. Good communication and collaboration are key to solve the different assignments, puzzles and riddles. Participants log on to our website with a unique code. As soon as all team members have logged on, the clock starts ticking and the first challenge will appear on the screen. Good luck and… LET’S GO TEAMS!

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*A fully online version is available if desired.

Check out the Remote Teambuilding Experience video: