Building a stronger team from a distance? having a blast through the screen? With Remote Team Building experience it's possible! An intelligent and digital game where everybody works from their own place participating in the same goal: completing the objectives together and successfully. Result: better collaboration and above all lots of highly needed ‘connected’ fun with coworkers and team members..

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All players ready? Go!

While on ‘the by far most fun online teamgame in all of the Benelux, but maybe the world’, every player is vitally important: full dedication during the 75 game minutes is essential to completing the Experience and winning as many points as possible. The team with the highest number of points will of course be the winner. Play with many (international) teams at once and connect with each other from all over the world!

"I highly recommend scheduling a team building activity with The Box Company. We had so much fun as a department! The time passed very quickly and everyone was very enthusiastic about the different activities!"
Royal IHC

How does it work?

Each participant will recieve an envelope at home or at the office containing all kinds of attributes, cards and assignments. In addition, each team receives a unique login code for the website. All participants can log in with this code, giving everyone access to the website. Each participant has a part of the answer in his or her envelope and that means everyone contributes to the success of the team. As soon as every teammate entered this code, the game will start. The time starts running and now the opening puzzle can be solved. Each participant has a part of this first puzzle in his or her envelope. The participants have to connect the dots in order to be able to fill out the code on the website. So, what’s next? Well, now the website will guide you through all the different assignments, riddles and puzzles.

100% digital? If desired, it is also possible to play the game completely digitally. Then each participant will receive a “digital envelope” by email containing all the game essentials.


"Great way to build on your team digitally! Awesome!!"
ING Bank


"The CJIB would like to thank you! We have played this game online with several teams. The questions were well put together, quite challenging too. We had to answer all questions within 75 minutes, which made it very exciting because you saw the time ticking. In short: A great game. I can recommend it to everyone."

Corporates and SMEs

"Played this interactive and challenging game with an international team (fr, ge, uk, nl) of 30 people. 75 minutes flew by. You're completely in it and seeing how the other teams perform in terms of time and points makes you even more fanatical! Super nice to be so connected from your own workplace!

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