With the Plug and Play Experience, The Box Company offers companies a teambuilding activity in which collaboration and bringing colleagues together are central. Fun, competition and challenge are important values here. The activity can be used without the supervision of The Box Company at any desired location.

Plug & Play
Easy to play yourself thanks to the instructions and available manual

Can be played in 1 large room, separate rooms and at a distance.

Can be used on any desired date & time.

Let international teams compete against each other too!

How it works?

One box per team is sent to the desired location, containing a clear manual, instructions and all necessary game components. The object of the game is to solve a large number of assignments within the time limit. The team that collects the most points at the end wins the Experience! A team consists of a maximum of 5 people. By playing with multiple teams, an extra competitive element is added. The different teams can each play at their own table, in separate rooms or at different times. If you play together in one large room, this creates hilarity, energy and a strong feeling of competition and an increased adrenaline level.

What our clients say:

"We received excellent help from The Box Company, the game was extremely well received by all colleagues. The fact that you can compare online scores between the different teams ensured that colleagues did their best. Highly recommended!"
We had SO MUCH FUN! Colleagues got together for the 1st time and got to know each others' strengths and weaknesses through the challenges set out. Lots of laughs, friendly competition and bonding among colleagues. Would definitely recommend and use the service again!
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